Beach Party

coney beach pleasure park rides Ride restrictions Minimum height 1.3m Price6 Tokens or Wristband About this ride The Beach Party has been with us since 1999. Manufactured by KMG in the Netherlands. Sweep over the beachfront while spinning.With a swing up to 120 degrees and a height of 20 metres. 6 gondolas sit on the revolving hub at the […]

Go Karts Ride restrictionsDriver 1.5m Passenger 1.1m  Driver of double cars must be at least 18 years of ageDriver of single cars must be at least 1.5m in height Price12 Tokens (Passenger Free) About this ride Our Go-Kart track is great fun for adults and children alike. Wiz around this large track for a great driving […]

Bounce Ride restrictionsMinimum height 1.4m Price6 Tokens or Wristband About this rideAs the name suggests it’s all about the bounce! Up and down, top to bottom and smaller bounces in between. A great giggle!