Cost of Rides

All persons accompanying small children on listed rides below must be over 16 years and have wristband or tokens

All rides in red below are NOT included with Limited Wristband
RideMin. HeightPrice
Dodgem Driver1.3mW/B or 6 Tokens
Bounce1.4mW/B or 4 Tokens
Beach Party1.3mW/B or 5 Tokens
Miami Madness1.3mW/B or 4 Tokens
Mega Spin1.3mW/B or 5 Tokens
RideMin. HeightPrice
Waltzer1.1m – 1.19m (accompanied)W/B or 4 Tokens
Dodgem Passenger0.9m – 1.29m (accompanied)FREE
Fantasia0.8m – 1.1m (accompanied)W/B or 4 Tokens
Top Gun0.8m – 1.1m (accompanied)W/B or 4 Tokens
Nessi0.8m – 1.1m (accompanied)W/B or 4 Tokens
Wacky Worm0.8m – 1.1m (accompanied)W/B or 4 Tokens
Ghost Train0.8m – 1.1m (accompanied)W/B or 4 Tokens
Red Baron0.8m – 1.1m (accompanied)W/B or 4 Tokens
Bumpy Slide0.8m – 1.1m (accompanied)W/B or 4 Tokens
Fun House0.8m – 1.1m (accompanied)W/B or 4 Tokens
Tomos Train0.8mW/B or 4 Tokens
Cinderella0.8mW/B or 4 Tokens
Formula Racing0.8mW/B or 4 Tokens
Go-Gator1.0m (Max Height 1.5m)W/B or 4 Tokens
Chair-o-Planes0.8m (Max Height 1.5m)W/B or 3 Tokens
Flying Cars0.8mW/B or 3 Tokens
Safari Train0.8mW/B or 3 Tokens
Tea Cups0.8mW/B or 3 Tokens
Go-KartsDriver 1.5m, Passenger 1.1mDriver 10 Tokens (Passenger Free)