Cost of Rides

All persons accompanying small children on listed rides below must be over 16 years and have wristband or tokens

RideMin. HeightPrice
Dodgem Driver1.3mW/B or 6 Tokens
Bounce1.4mW/B or 6 Tokens
Beach Party1.3mW/B or 6 Tokens
Miami Madness1.3mW/B or 6 Tokens
RideMin. HeightPrice
Sizzler1.2mW/B or 5 Tokens
Monster Trucks0.8mW/B or 4 Tokens
Inflatable Slide1mW/B or 6 Tokens
Fun Bag1.05mW/B or 6 Tokens
Bumper Carz0.8mW/B or 5 Tokens
Waltzer1.1m – 1.19m (accompanied)W/B or 6 Tokens
Dodgem Passenger0.9m – 1.29m (accompanied)FREE
Fantasia0.8m – 1.1m (accompanied)W/B or 6 Tokens
Top Gun0.8m – 1.1m (accompanied)W/B or 6 Tokens
Nessi0.8m – 1.1m (accompanied)W/B or 6 Tokens
Wacky Worm0.8m – 1.1m (accompanied)W/B or 6 Tokens
Ghost Train0.8m – 1.1m (accompanied)W/B or 5 Tokens
Red Baron0.8m – 1.1m (accompanied)W/B or 5 Tokens
Bumpy Slide0.8m – 1.1m (accompanied)W/B or 4 Tokens
Balloon Race0.8m – 1.1m (accompanied)W/B or 5 Tokens
Tomos Train0.8mW/B or 4 Tokens
Cinderella0.8mW/B or 4 Tokens
Formula Racing0.8mW/B or 4 Tokens
Go-Gator1.0m (Max Height 1.5m)W/B or 4 Tokens
Chair-o-Planes0.8m (Max Height 1.5m)W/B or 4 Tokens
Flying Cars0.8mW/B or 4 Tokens
Safari Train0.8mW/B or 4 Tokens
Tea Cups0.8mW/B or 4 Tokens
Go-KartsDriver 1.5m, Passenger 1.1mDriver 12 Tokens (Passenger Free)